The Story of Consultive Begins Here!

The story of Consultive begins here, with boundless enthusiasm and ambition to enable the world explore the market, full of untapped opportunities and enormous growth potential. 

While Georgia is one of the best emerging markets for doing business, investing, or outsourcing, many people across the world do not know much about the country and some even confuse it with the U.S. state of Georgia. Consultive was founded to become a reliable guide for foreign investors on the Georgian market that would help them explore advantageous investment and outsource opportunities.

Consultive provides three types of consulting services related to (1) Business set; (2) Investing; and (3) Outsourcing.

  • Business Set Up

Georgia is one of the top destinations for starting a business. It is ranked number 2 in the world for “ease of starting business” and number 7 for “ease of doing business”. Before the Covid pandemic, Georgia was ranked number 4 for its safety index and currently ranks 11th safest country in the world.

Consultive offers fast, effective, and reliable services necessary for setting up a fully operational business in Georgia.

  • Investing

In Georgia, most of the investment transactions are conducted on the private market rather than the public stock exchange. Lack of public information prevents investors from exploring truly advantageous investment possibilities, and at the same time deprives promising companies of funding opportunities. Consultive as a reliable guide on the Georgian private market constitutes a unique asset for investors enabling them to discover, explore, and wisely utilize unrevealed opportunities.

Consultive helps investors in the private equity as well as the real estate investing processes. It also assists its client to wisely and safely manage their investments in Georgia.

The ultimate goal of Consultive is to create a non-bureaucratic, transparent, and reliable investment platform, effectively connecting the right investors to the right companies.

  • Outsourcing

Georgian market is full of diversified outsourcing opportunities. Low taxes, low communal fees, and extremely competitive market salary make Georgia the perfect place for outsourcing. Here you can explore professional, operational as well as production outsourcing opportunities. Consultive helps its clients to select the right contractors, negotiate the best possible terms, execute the legally perfect contracts, and effectively manage the logistics. 

  • Vission and Values

Consultive strives to break-though the obstacles of cross border boundaries and contribute to the creation of a global business market for people all across the world. 

The working ethics of Consultive is built on integrity, transparency, and mutual respect.

Here at Consultive, we believe in the power of connecting people and aspire to unleash the energy that only a diversified multicultural global market can generate.