Yes, Consultive can help you to incorporate company in Georgia remotely, without visiting the country.

Yes, with the help of Consultive you can easily invest in Georgia even remotely.

No, for the most of the industries in Georgia, you can start your business without any specific license or permit. Consultive can help you to precisely identify legal requirements for your business. In case needed, Consultive can also help with the license obtainment.

Georgian market is full of diversified outsource opportunities, hence, Consultive can help you to find the right contractors in any industry you might be interested in. Don’t miss the chance to explore opportunities and keep in mind that the first consultation is free.

Yes indeed, each of our services is separate, therefore, we can help in any specific matter you might be interested in. For example, we can provide only company or trademark registering services, or assist with drafting specific legal document or only conduct market research. In this regard, we are always flexible and oriented on client’s needs.

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