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Welcome to Consultive, your trusted partner for unlocking unparalleled opportunities in Georgia’s emerging market. Our firm was established to serve as a reliable guide for foreign investors and businesses, providing expert consulting services in three critical areas: Business Setup, Investment, and Outsourcing.

Expertise in Business Setup

Georgia ranks among the top nations in the world for ease of starting and doing business. At Consultive, we facilitate the quick and efficient establishment of fully operational businesses, backed by a wealth of local know-how and a seamless procedural approach.

Investment Consulting

Georgia’s private market, rather than its public stock exchange, is where most investment transactions occur. This opacity often precludes investors from identifying truly promising opportunities. Consultive can help safely invest in local private companies and manage investments efficiently.

Outsourcing Solutions

Georgia offers a myriad of cost-effective outsourcing options in professional services, operations, and production. We streamline the process for our clients, identifying suitable contractors, negotiating optimal terms, and providing complete legal and logistical support.

Comprehensive Legal and Retainer Services

Navigating the legal landscape is often one of the most challenging aspects for businesses and investors entering a new market. At Consultive, we understand this intricate facet and are equipped to provide full legal support and retainer services for our clients. Whether it’s regulatory compliance, contractual negotiations, or intellectual property matters, our legal experts are on hand to provide you with reliable, up-to-date advice. We also offer retainer services for long-term legal support, ensuring that your investment and business operations in Georgia are not just profitable, but also fully compliant and risk-mitigated.

Our Vision and Values

Consultive is committed to eradicating barriers across international borders and fostering a global business ecosystem. Our organizational ethos is deeply rooted in principles of integrity, transparency, and mutual respect.

Why Choose Consultive?

We don’t just believe in the potential of Georgia as an ideal destination for business and investment; we substantiate it through our work. We understand the unique advantages and complexities of the Georgian market and are here to help you navigate them proficiently. By choosing Consultive, you’re partnering with a firm that not only guides but empowers—turning possibilities into successful realities.

Trust in our expertise. Leverage our local insights. Achieve unparalleled success.

Join us at Consultive, where we turn the Georgian opportunity into your business advantage.

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What people say about us

Dr. Marcus V. Freitas -

"Consultive was essential for us to have a successful beginning in the country. Highly professional, committed to excellence and always willing to excel, Consultive is second to none in providing its clients the best possible experience in Georgia. I highly recommend them for what they are: a young, entrepreneurial firm whose main purpose is to support clients achieve success in their Georgian operations. They are the best!"

Dr. Marcus V. Freitas
Mr. David Hanania -

"I not only recommend my attorney Levan Kirtskhalia but I guarantee once you have used his service you too will look no further. He responds in an extreme timely matter, he is a very knowledgeable, trustworthy person. In my experience there is no other attorney that will work as hard for you as Mr. Kirtskhalia. He provided me with sound, clear, and practical legal advice on various issues he is truly the best. I am so grateful for his passion, dedication, and professionalism."

Mr. David Hanania
Quote from Legal 500 - (Remark: Consultive is not ranked by Legal 500 and the above quote only referred to our CEO when he practiced law at BLB)

I can name Levan Kirtskhalia, who I can say with full responsibility is a highly skilled and experienced representative of the company who knows how to satisfy the current or prospective clients.

Quote from Legal 500(Remark: Consultive is not ranked by Legal 500 and the above quote only referred to our CEO when he practiced law at BLB)
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