Reflecting on Two Years: A Synopsis of Consultive’s Journey

Two years ago, Consultive set forth on a mission to aid global investors in navigating the vast possibilities of the Georgian market. Today, as we pause to glance back at the path trodden, we appreciate the progress made and the relationships fostered. Here’s a glimpse into our story thus far.

Business Set-Up

In the past two years, Consultive has been instrumental in assisting a myriad of investors in making their foray into the Georgian market. A noteworthy observation is that a lion’s share of these companies operates within the technological sector. Additionally, we’ve facilitated business establishments in the financial and logistics sectors.

The geographical diversity of our clients stands as a testament to Georgia’s international appeal. We’ve liaised with investors hailing from countries as diverse as Portugal, Switzerland, Brazil, the USA, and Bulgaria. Cumulatively, these ventures have funneled several million dollars into Georgia, solidifying its position as a burgeoning hub for business and innovation.

Investment Consulting

Beyond business setup, Consultive has been at the forefront of providing holistic consulting and legal solutions tailored to the intricate world of investments. Our repertoire encompasses a wide array of transaction types, notably secured and non-secured loans. In a nod to the evolving global financial landscape, we have also carved a niche for ourselves by facilitating investment loans transacted in cryptocurrencies.

To put numbers to our accomplishments, the deals we’ve had the privilege to finalize have an aggregated value approaching 5 million dollars.

Real Estate & Residency Advisory

One of the standout achievements of our journey has been our foray into the real estate sector. We’ve been privileged to guide numerous foreign investors in securing Georgian residency, aiding them in making significant real estate investments. The aggregate value of these real estate transactions, facilitated under our watch, surpasses 2 million dollars.

Recognizing the allure and potential of Georgian residency through investment, we’ve inaugurated a dedicated platform: Geo-Residency. As a distinct subdivision of Consultive, Geo-Residency focuses exclusively on advisory services in this domain. For a deeper insight into this initiative, we invite you to visit